Discover ROSAS’s new tool for functional safety

News / 02 Apr, 2020

Once certified, the new ROSAS tool will greatly simplify the use of processes and standards in functional safety.


Aviation, Machinery, Automotive, Railway


Safety & Reliability

For the past two years, ROSAS has been developing a web-based software platform aiming to make the functional safety processes and standards more systematic and straight forward. It focuses on supporting businesses on critical subjects, such as requirement management, test management and safety planning. Jump on, as we present the top points of this new safety tool.

Shows the elements of your system, all requirements and tests as well as their interrelations on a schematic, determine missing links or associations and jump from one element to the other.

Design your safety plan, assess the hazards of your system, build a collection of requirements and perform verification and validation activities. The tool makes it easy to perform each step and relate the different layers together. The tool verifies formal compliance and notifies you when a part is missing.

The tool provides templates for safety plans, requirements, tests, safety analyses and more in order to get you started and push you directly to the best practice.

Safety analyses such as FMEA and FMEDA are fully integrated and the tool calculates everything for you.

Our goal is to provide you with a software which corresponds best to You and supports You in reaching Your goals. This is why we take time to identify functionalities You need and tailor the tool based on Your requirements.

The tool is on its certification journey and will soon be certified as a safety management tool for automotive ISO26262:2018 and for E/E/PE safety related systems IEC 61508:2010. A certified tool is integrated more easily in the development of a safety related system and the confidence in its results is proven.

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