​​​​ROSAS center supports you in transferring innovative ideas into applied research through our engineering expertise in safety, security, reliability and maintainability of systems. We are your ideal partner in key industrial domains for the development of technologies.​​​




We support you in understanding and applying functional safety in various domains in order to demonstrate design assurance of complex systems.




We help you to better understand specific aspects related to reliability engineering like methods for failure rate calculation in order to reach the desired MTTF and MTBF.




We provide cybersecurity services to assess and strengthen your product as well as your organization’s infrastructure using well-known approach such as threat modeling, pen testing and other security assessment.






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      ​​​​Our domains



      We can help you with this critical matter on various projects to qualify and assess the safety for the vehicles, stations, payloads for the ground personnel and crew


      We have a team of engineers solely dedicated to ISO 26262. With a wide range of services from consulting to in depth training, ROSAS Engineers can have your company meet compliance effectively and efficiently with relevant Automotive Functional Safety and Cybersecurity standards.


      To deal with the increase of complexity of systems and the correlated standards and requirements, ROSAS supports you during the execution of safety and reliability analysis.


      We assess and analyse reliability and safety related function of your energy systems such as windturbine, gaz turbine or other power plant


      Our services cover all the relevant safety standards in machinery, helping you to develop safe and reliable machinery solutions and products, in accordance with European and other worldwide directives and laws.


      With its expertise in complex systems and its knowledge of applicable standards, ROSAS provides support during all the phases of technology development but also by preparing training courses tailored to your company needs.

      Smart Mobility

      ROSAS offers solutions to the growing demand of the autonomous/automated automotive industry by orienting its customers towards the certification of their systems according to the new and updated standards.

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