With our expertise in safety, reliability and security engineering, along with our industry acknowledged know how in systems engineering and associated engineering processes we assist with every stage of technology development phases to assure the “fit for purpose” engineering of functionally safe, reliable and secure technical systems.

Our ROSAS staff is having an extensive engineering knowledge across different industries and is well versed with to-date and upcoming national and international safety and security rules, regulations and standards, hence, ROSAS will be your ideal partner in developing legally compliant safety critical and reliable technologies.

Being a part of the body of the University of Applied Sciences Fribourg (Switzerland) we educate students and graduates within applied research projects tailored to needs of our clients thus being a source of raising a new generation of “junior safety and reliability engineers.


ROSAS is supporting clients in functional safety, reliability and security aspects of industries focusing on technology development in aerospace, automotive, energy, machinery, medical systems, railways, robotics and space, including emerging domains like autonomous driving and drones.

ROSAS enables engineers as well as corporate stakeholders to plan and manage their projects and assets following the relevant engineering processes frameworks in conjunction with the applicable safety and security regulations and standards resulting in legally compliant systems.

Core domains are processes and systems risks assessment and optimization, functional safety engineering and functional safety management, reliability analysis, IT and embedded security analysis


​ROSAS provides individually tailored training programs and seminars that enhance the knowledge relevant to functionally safe, reliable and secure systems of our customers. The training programs address the quality and understanding engineers and managers need to develop their systems in compliance with system requirements and applicable safety and security regulations and standards.

They give not only an overview of industry specific functional safety engineering and management. Moreover it will review the use case related application of methodologies in correctly assessing safety and security critical applications as well as their reliability demands for the relevant industrial domains.

The key objective is how to do it! How to carry out Preliminary Hazard Analysis (PHA) in conjunction with a Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) to identify the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) targets for customer specific systems applications. How to assure that the systems actual SIL meet the safety targets. How to derive reasonable mitigation measures in case of deviations. How to develop the appropriate verification and validation strategies. But also how to establish the right organizational and process environment to perform a requirements compliant safety and reliability engineering.



ROSAS Center provides cyber security related support with three main focus: OT Security, IT Security and Data Privacy

Cybersecurity Pillard  

Based on the Purdue model, ROSAS enables organisations to develop a cyber security culture at any level of its network. Experienced in multiple sectors (Energy, Automotive, Railway, Aerospace, Robotics), ROSAS’ cyber security engineers are able to drive your company to implement secure processes and policies as well as providing secure products infrastructure

ROSAS Center can be your partner to implement state-of-the-art technologies and processes. IEC 62443 provides a general framework for cyber security for IACS (Industrial and Automation Control Systems cyber security). This standard is recognized as applicable for multiple sector such as energy, manufacturing, healthcare and transportation. Both asset owners, system integrators and product manufacturers can find relevant requirements based on their specific needs.

Cybersecurity OT Security  

ROSAS Center is also involved in automotive cyber security and follow actively the development of the upcoming ISO 21434 describing requirements for the management of cyber security processes to be implemented by automotive stakeholders

Cybersecurity OT Service  
Cybersecurity IT Security  

ROSAS Center provides multiple type of services to develop and challenge the security of your IT environment. From the support for the development of IT security policies to the pen testing of your infrastructure, ROSAS’ cyber security engineers can help you to strengthen your systems based on best practices and applicable standards (ISO 27xxx, NIST CSF, OSSTMM…) and handle potential cyber incidents.

Next to such typical IT services, ROSAS Center can also be your partner to develop and ensure your compliance with regulations for electronic identification and trust services (EU-eIDAS, CH-ZertES).

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), agreed upon by the European Parliament and Council in April 2016, had replaced the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec in May 2018 as the primary law regulating how companies protect EU citizens' personal data.

ROSAS Center can be your partner to meet these requirements by providing support for related activities such as data inventorying, impact assessment and security controls development.

Cybersecurity Data Privacy  

In May 2018, ROSAS Center created a spin off called CertX SA which is recognized today as the first Swiss certification body for cyber security. After reaching a compliant state on your targets (both products, processes or persons) with the support of ROSAS, CertX can be your partner to crystalize your high-level confidence through the assessment and certification of your target. Such recognition can differentiate you from your competitor.

Cybersecurity Summary

Cybersecurity Services summary  

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